Frequently Asked Questions

Why was I referred to the RAAMP Clinic?

The answer to this question is, of course, different for each individual patient. However in general, you have been referred to the RAAMP Clinic for one of the following reasons;

  1. Your family physician or another healthcare practitioner who you have recently seen was concerned about a physical examination finding, lab test, or diagnostic imaging test that could represent a malignancy and has referred you to the RAAMP Clinic to expedite your care. In this case, you will be seen in the RAAMP Clinic within 7 days for further evaluation.

  2. Your medical or radiation oncologist from the Cancer Center has referred you to the RAAMP Clinic because you have gone into remission, or your clinical status and disease has remained stable for many months or years. In this case, the RAAMP Clinic will act as a “step-down unit” from the Cancer Centre, providing regular monitoring and follow up or co-management alongside the Cancer Centre.


Where is the RAAMP Clinic located?

The RAAMP Clinic is located at 2464 Howard Avenue, Suite 202 in Windsor Ontario. The RAAMP Clinic is currently run out of the Internal Medicine Associates of Windsor offices in Suite 202.


How long will I stay with the RAAMP Clinic?

The time that you will remain a RAAMP Clinic patient will vary for each individual. This may range from anywhere between a view visits to the RAAMP Clinic following your care for many years.


Who will I see when I come to the RAAMP Clinic?

In general, at your RAAMP Clinic appointment, a physician assistant will first assess you followed by an Internal Medicine physician or a family physician, depending upon the reason you are at the RAAMP Clinic. For more detailed information on individual practitioners, please see the “OUR TEAM” page.


What is the specialty of the doctors working in the Clinic?

The RAAMP Clinic is comprised of specialists, family physicians and physician assistants. For more detailed information on individual practitioners, please see the “OUR TEAM” page.


What is a Physician Assistant?

Physician Assistants (PAs) are academically prepared and skilled health professionals trained under a medical model. PAs act as “physician extenders”, working alongside physicians in a variety of healthcare settings. PAs are not independent practitioners. They do work with a degree of autonomy negotiated by the PA and supervising physician, however the physician always retains an overall responsibility for the PAs activities and the care of the patient. PAs can obtain histories, performed physical examinations, order and interpret investigations (lab work, diagnostic imaging, etc.), perform diagnostic/therapeutic interventions, diagnose and treat illness, and counsel patients.


Why can’t my Family Physician follow my progress?

The RAAMP Clinic is a program designed to provide more focused cancer-related care to our patients. The RAAMP Clinic will always communicate openly with the patient’s primary care provider throughout the entirety of their time in the RAAMP clinic.

However, should a patient feel strongly about having their family physician follow their progress, this decision will be respected and our recommendations and notes will be forwarded to the family physician to continue to provide the patient’s care.


Will you send any notes or examinations to my Family Doctor?

Yes, the RAAMP Clinic will copy your family physician on all physician notes, lab results, imaging results and other investigations completed through the RAAMP Clinic. The RAAMP Clinic will always strive to inform and openly communicate with your primary care physician regarding your health status.


What is the wait time if a doctor refers me to the RAAMP Clinic?

Referrals sent to the RAAMP Clinic will be reviewed and triaged appropriately by a physician or physician assistant. This means that the wait time will vary based on each patient’s clinical details. The wait time may vary anywhere between 1-7 days for the Rapid Referral Clinic and up to a few months for "step down" care from the Cancer Centre.


What is the wait time if I complete a Self-Referral Form?

If you have completed the Self-Referral Form, this is a request for routine cancer screening, and thus is not urgent. Our goal at the RAAMP Clinic is to see this population of patients in less than 3 months.


Can I make appointments online?

You cannot book an appointment online. If you have never been seen in the RAAMP Clinic before, you will need a referral to be sent to us by your primary care practitioner or another healthcare professional. If you have completed a Self-Referral form for Routine Cancer Screening, the RAAMP Clinic will contact you via telephone with information regarding date and time of initial appointment. If you are an existing patient and would like to book a follow up appointment, proceed to our “CONTACT” page, for further contact information.


Is there a cost to be a patient of the RAAMP Clinic?

There is no cost to be a patient of the RAAMP Clinic.  All services provided by the Clinic are covered by OHIP.

I have received a cancer diagnosis. What happens next?

While being evaluated through the RAAMP Clinic, you may be diagnosed with cancer. It is important to note, that the only true, definitive test to determine a cancer diagnosis is through obtaining tissue for pathologic analysis.

If you are diagnosed with cancer through the RAAMP Clinic, the next step will be a referral to Windsor’s Cancer Centre, at Windsor Regional Hospital Metropolitan Campus. Here, you will meet your medical oncologist and/or radiation oncologist, who will be the primary physician looking after your cancer care and treatment. It is at the Windsor Regional Hospital Cancer Centre where you will receive your cancer treatments which may or may not include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, etc.


For more information about the Windsor Regional Hospital Cancer Centre, visit

P 519.252.9861 EXT 5 | F 226.216.0643 | E INFO@RAAMP.CA
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