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Cancer Centre Outpatient Follow Up

This branch of the program aims to provide outpatient cancer care follow up and co-management, alongside our existing Cancer Centre at Windsor Regional Hospital. The RAAMP clinic will act as a step-down unit from the Cancer Center, helping to monitor and conduct specific follow up for patients in remission, and those with indolent, low grade or slow growing malignancy. This will allow for regular monitoring to help reduce the recurrence of cancer or secondary cancers. Furthermore, the RAAMP Clinic may diagnose and monitor cancer-associated treatment complications or toxicities.


Rapid Referral Clinic

The Rapid Referral Clinic was created with a goal to assess and diagnose patients with signs and symptoms suspicious for malignancy, in a more efficient and timely manner. To ensure a rapid assessment, the RAAMP team guarantees a 7 day time frame from when the patient is referred to the date of initial assessment. The Rapid Referral Clinic can be well utilized through Family Physicians, Emergency Room Physicians and Walk-In or Urgent Medical Clinics.

Please see the Physician Area for Referral Form.


Routine Cancer Screening

The goal of this branch is to increase the amount of routine cancer screening that is occurring in Windsor-Essex County. There will be a focus on screening for Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Colon Cancer as well as Lung Cancer, Skin Cancer, and Ovarian Cancer. This will be an area where patients, particularly those without primary care practitioners, can self-refer for appropriate cancer screening. Furthermore, if for any reason a healthcare practitioner wishes, they can refer their patients here for specific cancer screening.

Please see Self Referral Area to determine if you are a candidate.


Cancer Survivorship

The Cancer Survivorship branch will focus on patients who are in remission after undergoing their cancer treatments. The goal is to provide holistic patient care, helping the patient cope and manage the long term difficulties associated with a cancer diagnosis, including mental health, social and familial supports, long term effects of treatment, and overall wellness.  

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